Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Effect of rough morphology on the flow and heat transfer in nanochannel Shuting Yao, Jiansheng Wang



The flow characteristics and heat transfer in rough nanochannel are probed with molecular dynamics. The variations of flow resistance and heat transfer characteristics with rough morphology are investigated. The results show that the smaller nanostructure shear free ratio is beneficial to the heat transfer performance and the drag reduction. In rough channel, the deeper the rough nanostructure grooves, the better the heat transfer, and the greater the flow resistance. The combination of rough morphology and surface wettability will bring a significant impact on the heat transfer performance and drag reduction. In contrast, the rough channel with the weak wall-fluid interaction strength, which characterizes the more hydrophobic surface, has smaller flow resistance and better heat transfer performance.

Keywords rough morphology, heat transfer, flow characteristics, molecular dynamics

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