Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Effects of Pipeline Inclination on Two Phase Flow Patterns Adela M. Syikilili, Cuthbert Z. Kimambo, Joseph H. Kihedu, Ole J Nydal



Production and transport of petroleum fluids involves multiphase flow in pipelines. Handling of these fluids require knowledge on flow behavior whereby, experimental works is a key contributor. Many experimental works done were dedicated to horizontal and vertical pipelines while scarce works on inclined pipelines. The aim of this work was to present an experimental study on analysis of the effect of inclinations on gas-liquid flow patterns. In this study air and water was used in a 60 mm internal diameter pipe with 6 m length. The coverage is upward inclinations of 0 o to 90o . Flow patterns were recognized using high speed camera and conductance probes. Results shows that inclination has a significant effect on flow patterns distribution.

Keywords Two phase flow, inclined pipelines, flow patterns and flow regimes

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