Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Effects of Ratio of Ethanol and Butanol in Abe (Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol) on Micro-Explosion Characteristics of Abe/Kerosene Droplet Zhijun Peng, Guangzhi Fan, Kui Jiao, Qing Du, Fan Zhang, Shenghui Zhong



This paper presents an experiment study on the composition effect on droplet combustion of ABE mixture fuel. The ratios of ethanol and butanol in ABE are varied. Experimental results show that the micro-explosion characteristics of the two ABE/kerosene droplets are different, which is obviously reflected by (D/D0) 2 curves. Increasing proportion of ethanol will lead to more intense micro-explosion. The process of nucleation in droplets in the early stage of micro-explosion is recorded to investigate the underlying physics. These experimental results show that besides the boiling point difference of ethanol and butanol, ethanol will tend to cause more intense micro-explosion due to insoluble in kerosene than butanol under the same conditions.

Keywords micro-explosion, ABE, ethanol, butanol, bubble nucleation, lipophilic

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