Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Efficient Lignin Depolymerization with Ru Modified Composite Metal Oxide Jindong Wang, Wenzhi Li , Huizhen Wang , Rui Xu



With the development of research on renewable energy, lignin, as the second abundant component in biomass, has attracted more and more attention. In this study, the effects of the catalyst compositions on lignin depolymerization were investigated. Ru-W/Sn-AlOx, converted about 95% lignin into liquid product and 2/3 of the liquid product can be soluble in petroleum ether at 300 °C after 12 h reaction. It meant that 2/3 of the liquid product were depolymerized to a mixture whose number-average molecular weight (Mn) was about 364. Meanwhile, the catalyst effectively reduced the char to 2%. In detail, the monomers was characterized by GC and 6% phenolic compound was get at optimized condition.

Keywords lignin depolymerization, composite metal oxide, hydrogenation, Ru-modified

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