Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Energy Alternatives for the Operation of Tucuruí Locks Gilton Carlos de A. Furtado, André Luiz A. Mesquita, Alessandro Morabito, Patrick Hendrick



The objective of this work is to analyze two different solutions to the energy demand of the Tucuruí Locks. A photovoltaic power station is compared to a hybrid power generation system composed by photovoltaic and small hydraulic turbine, with pumped storage. The alternatives are discussed technically and economically: the annual energy costs of the scenarios are calculated based on the evolution of the expenses and the related energy payback time are found. The water resource is exploited responsibly, keeping balanced the volume of water in pumping and generating mode. The grid works as an intermediate storage and allows the operations with a single Pump As Turbine (PAT). The installation site is adjacent to the boat-lift structure of the Tucuruí dam. Its specific location lowers down the initial investment in favor of the hybrid system as the more viable alternative to the considered conditions.

Keywords Hybrid system, Tucuruí Locks, Photovoltaic energy, Pump As Turbine (PAT), Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

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