Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Energy Analysis of Multistage Compressed Air Energy Storage System Xin Ma, Ke Li* , Chenghui Zhang, Yan Li, Meijuan Yu



To satisfy the demands for fast-response peak regulation in power grids, the development of multistage compressed air energy storage (MCAES) system has accelerated in recent years. However, because of system imperfections, such as redundant structures, excessive numbers of energy conversion stages, and lower total utilization rate, it is necessary to identify and mitigate the weaknesses of the system. Consequently, this study conducts the thermodynamic analysis of MCAES. First, the efficiency losses in the working processes of the MCAES are considered, and a system node is added based on existing modular models, making the model more robust. Second, the effects of process parameters on system performance metrics, including power generation efficiency and residual heat, are studied. Finally, the weighted correlation network analysis (WGCNA) is used to analyze the sensitivity of various equipment and process parameters to system efficiency under different structures. Through the weight comparison, the weak points are located, which provides detailed theoretical guidance for the structural design and equipment parameter selection of MCAES.

Keywords Compressed air energy storage system, Thermodynamic analysis, Correlation relationship analysis

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