Volume 13: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part II

Energy Consumption Analysis of Air Conditioning System in Clean Operation Department : a case study of a hospital in Beijing SHI Jiacheng,Xie Hui*,LIANG Wei,Zheng Yawen



Based on the investigation of a hospital in Beijing, it is found that the clean air conditioning system of the operation department consumes a large amount of energy per unit area, and the energy consumption of the air conditioning unit is relatively high in winter than in summer. The energy consumption simulation software was used to build the model. After verification, the model is used to simulate and analyze different working conditions based on the requirements of Chinese standards. The results show that the energy consumption of the surgical department is relatively high, and the new standard in China can save 16% compared with the current energy consumption of the surgical department. China’s new standard saves 10 percent of energy compared with the old one. This verified energy consumption benchmark model combined with national standards provides ideas for energy consumption quota.

Keywords operation department, clean air conditioning system, energy consumption simulation, standards comparison.

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