Volume 16: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part V

Energy Evaluation Method and Index Analysis of Hospital Building Yi Huang, Hongwei Tan, Yongsong Zhu, Lian Hu



Energy analysis and energy evaluation are the important basis of efficiency management of hospital building. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the scientific and applicability of the evaluation methods and indicators of hospital energy consumption in China. Based on the analysis of energy consumption characteristics of different types of hospitals, the simple normalization method and multiple regression model were used to evaluate the building energy consumption of hospitals, and the conclusions of the two were compared. Based on the data analysis of 30 sample hospitals in Shanghai, this paper analyzes the defects in the evaluation and classification method of Chinese hospital buildings and the quota energy consumption index. This study found that at the present stage, the classification of hospital energy consumption evaluation in China is not clear, and the evaluation conclusions obtained from different indicators are inconsistent. On this basis, this paper puts forward the development needs of hospital energy consumption analysis and energy saving evaluation in the classification of hospital types, selection of evaluation indexes and dynamic evaluation methods, in order to solve the above problems effectively.

Keywords Hospital, Building Energy consumption, Energy Evaluation Benchmarking, Building Energy Indexes

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