Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Energy Management Strategy of Multi-Energy Ship Based on New Generator Set Structure Ming Gan, Hui Hou, Yangyang Chen, Kun Xie, Zeyang Fan, Xixiu Wu



The multi-energy ship, which is composed of renewable energy and hybrid ship, has the advantages of energy saving and emission reduction under the background of increasing global oil resources’ tense. At the same time, structure improvement is an effective way to improve the effectiveness of energy management strategy. To the above end, based on the wind and solar power data generated by HOMER, we establish and apply the extreme scenarios of wind and solar output power. Secondly, we propose a main and auxiliary generator set structure in which the main generator bears the baseload and the auxiliary generator bears the fluctuating load. Based on the structure and dynamic programming algorithm, we establish an energy management model of multi-energy ship with the battery and generator power as the control variables and the minimum operating cost as the optimization goal. The simulation results show that the application of dynamic programming algorithm, wind-solar energy, and main and auxiliary generator set structure combined with dynamic programming algorithm can respectively reduce the ship energy consumption by 0.54%, 5.07%, and 0.80%. The results show that supposed method can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the ship.

Keywords multi-energy ship, generator set structure, energy management, dynamic programming, scenario analysis

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