Volume 22: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part V

Energy Performance of the Millennium Buildings (1992 – 2014) in Latvia Ruta VANAGA, Ritvars FREIMANIS, Juris ANTUŽS, Zigmārs ZUNDĀNS, Andra BLUMBERGA



In the light of decarbonsation of existing building stock energy efficiency performance of all building periods should be evaluated. The focus of the paper lies on building built after the collapse of the Soviet Union and before stringent energy efficiency measures came into force. Complex analysis of energy performance parameters, indoor air quality, and in-situ measurements of thermal resistance of walls were performed. Results show that legislative norms have a significant impact on the thermal performance of thermal envelope, but there are no significant changes in ventilation heat losses. Analysis of energy consumption for heating indicates that the energy efficiency benchmark set for renovated buildings in Latvia is set too high and does not promote decarbonisation of existing building stock.

Keywords Decarbonisation of existing building stock, heating energy consumption; indoor air quality; thermal resistance in-situ measurements; transmission heat loss coefficient; ventilation heat loss coefficient

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