Volume 42: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part V

Energy saving and environmental protection in coupled development of integrated gas-electric system: from the perspective of gas pipe network planning Yangfan Lu, Wei Gao, Li Li, Baolong Yang, Chaofei Nie, Jianfeng Jiao, Jing Gong, Kai Wen



With the development and popularization of gas-fired power generation and P2G technology, the electrical system is becoming more and more closely connected. Gas energy is a good form of energy storage or transition in integrated energy system. However, few theoretical studies conduct on the coupling development of gas network and integrated energy network from the perspective of natural gas network planning. Improper natural gas system infrastructure planning will lead to waste of resources and environmental impact. Therefore, this paper aims to improve the efficiency of gas transport from the perspective of gas pipeline network planning and promote the development of low carbon economic coupling of gas integrated system (IGES). We propose a multi-dimensional natural gas network system planning strategy that enhances the link between it and electrical system to solve how to convey natural gas from P2G station into pipelines. The strategy simulates the planning behavior of natural gas pipeline network company under the background of integrated electricity and gas system and analyzes the economic and environmental benefits of the new strategy. The results show that a feasible planning scheme can improve the economic benefits of gas network operators and reduce the carbon emissions. Based on these analyses and conclusions, recommendations are made for policy formulation and planning directions at different levels. In summary, the new gas pipe network planning strategy will help to enhance the importance of gas pipe network in the IGES and promote energy conservation and environmental protection in the energy industry.

Keywords Gas pipe network planning, Economy, Carbon emissions, Gas-electric coupling development

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