Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Energy Supply Capability Evaluation of Multi-Energy Microgrid Considering Reliability Constraints Ge Shaoyun, Cao Yuchen, Liu Hong, Li Jifeng



Aiming at the problem that multi-energy microgrid involves the coupling of multiple energy sources and the difficulty of quantifying the supply capacity of each energy load, the evaluation methods of reliable energy supply intervals of multi-energy microgrid are proposed. Firstly, taking the multi-energy microgrid as the research object, a typical microgrid system model is constructed based on the energy hub model, and the concept of multi-energy microgrid energy supply capability is proposed. Secondly, considering the constraints of energy supply reliability, a reliable energy supply interval model of integrated energy microgrid is constructed. Thirdly, based on NSGA-2 multi-objective optimization, the solve method of reliable energy supply interval model of multi-energy microgrid is proposed. Finally, the effectiveness and practicability of the proposed model and method are verified by an example.

Keywords multi-energy microgrid, energy supply capability, reliable energy supply interval, multiobjective optimization

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