Volume 42: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part V

Energy Synchronization Platform Concept to Enable and Streamline Automated Industrial Demand Response Christine van Stiphoudt, Sergio Potenciano Menci, Can Kaymakci , Simon Wenninger , Dennis Bauer , Sebastian Duda , Gilbert Fridgen , and Alexander Sauer



The industrial sector consumes a large amount of electricity, making it an ideal candidate for Demand response (DR) flexibility in modern power systems. However, current solutions for industrial DR are limited to individual cases, services and platforms, preventing companies from exploring their complete flexibility potential. Addressing this, we introduce the Energy synchronization platform (ESP), a digital integration platform concept to enable and streamline automated industrial DR. This paper outlines the ESP’s conceptual architecture, components, and operational interactions, highlighting the benefits and challenges faced in a small‐scale demonstrator consisting of three industrial companies.

Keywords automated industrial demand response, digi‐ tal energy platform, energy services, generic flexibility description

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