Volume 29: Closing Carbon Cycles – A Transformation Process Involving Technology, Economy, and Society: Part IV

Engineering model of an electrically heated steam methane reforming reactor Xiyan Li, Sebastian T. Wismann, Peter M. Mortensen, Anker Degn Jensen



Electrification of steam methane reforming is an interesting approach towards the EU carbon neutrality target. This paper presents a dynamic continuous-stirred-tank-reactors (CSTRs) model for simulating an electrically heated washcoat tube that represents a steam methane reforming reactor. Results from the engineering model are presented, such as temperature, gas molar fraction, CH4 conversion, and effects of dynamic operation. The model is validated by a previously published CFD model, which has been validated by experimental data. The engineering model provides much faster results than the CFD model and can accurately re-produce the CH4 conversion and the temperature profile in the reactor.

Keywords Electrification, Steam reforming, Catalysis, Methane

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