Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Enhanced CH4 Production and CO2 Separation by Using Multidepressurization in Methane Hydrate Accumulations Donglei Liu , Lingjie Sun, Lunxiang Zhang* , Jiafei Zhao* , Yongchen Song



The replacement of CH4 by injecting CO2 in methane hydrates is a promising method for simultaneously allowing geologic CO2 sequestration and CH4 recovery. However, the carbon dioxide hydrate layer formed on the MH surface acts as a barrier, which causes the slow diffusivity of CO2. Therefore, in this study, we proposed using an operation of multi-depressurization to increase the diffusivity of CO2 and enhance the CH4 recovery in the CH4/CO2 replacement processes. The results proved that both the value of the methane replacement rate and the carbon dioxide storage rate increase significantly.

Keywords hydrate, CH4 recovery, CH4/CO2 replacement, multi-depressurization

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