Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Enhancement of the Chemisorption Refrigeration by Novel Sorbents Using Carbon Coated NI and Fe Ke Tang, Yiji Lu, Zhi Li, Yaodong Wang, Xiaoli Yu, Anthony Paul Roskilly



This paper experimentally investigates the chemisorption refrigeration technology, mixing carboncoated Nickel and Iron (Ni@C and Fe@C) with the conventional composite of MnCl2-EG as the sorbents. A modified manufacture methodology is developed and reported. The thermal conductivity is improved by the nanomaterials with a maximum increase of 3.0 %, and adsorption and desorption are accelerated as well. SCP of the sorbents is enhanced up to 11.02 %, indicating the enhancement of the low-grade heat conversing into the cooling power, by the application of MnCl2-EGNi/Al@C chemisorption.

Keywords MnCl2-EG-Ni@C, MnCl2-EG-Fe@C, ammonia, chemisorption refrigeration

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