Volume 40: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part III

Entropy State Modelling Method for Integrated Energy System based on Flow Hub Model Yizhe Li, Dan Wang, Hongjie Jia, Tianshuo Zhou, Jiawei Liu



Energy quality analysis is a novel method to evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation on energy crisis and carbon emission. Entropy increase, as a developing energy quality evaluation theory, quantifies the energy unavailability caused by exergy loss in transmission and uncertainty of source and load, and provides theoretical support for decision making on planning and operational optimization of Integrated Energy System (IES). This article proposes the entropy state mechanism and Flow Hub (FH) model to solve the entropy state distribution of IES. Finally, a case study verifies the effectiveness of the proposed models, discussed the entropy increase balance between source and load.

Keywords integrated energy system, renewable energy, energy quality, entropy state, entropy increase flow, exergy flow

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