Volume 28: Closing Carbon Cycles – A Transformation Process Involving Technology, Economy, and Society: Part III

EV-integrated Community Microgrid Scheduling considering Distributed Generation, Non-flexible Load and Dynamic Pricing Uncertainties Mustafa Alparslan Zehir, Osman Tufan Dogan, Hakan Merdanoglu, Ertan Yakici, Serhan Duran, Hayri Can Akyildirim



Flexible devices with remote monitoring and control availabilities, integrated behind-the-meter or last mile of electricity (grid edge) have significantly become widespread in the past decade. There are emerging distributed energy resource (DER) management solutions that give DER more active roles in power system and energy market operation. DER coordination incorporates inherent uncertainties related to distributed generation from intermittent renewables, non-flexible loads and dynamic prices. Consideration of uncertainties in optimum energy scheduling in community microgrids with a large number of electric vehicles can provide considerable benefits. This study presents a cloud-based optimal energy scheduling approach that considers diverse uncertainties in EV charging coordination as part of community microgrid energy scheduling. A case study is conducted for a representative community microgrid to investigate the benefits and challenges in uncertainty considered optimal energy scheduling.

Keywords Community microgrid, distributed generation, dynamic pricing, electric vehicle charging, energy management, uncertainty

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