Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Evaluation Index and Method for Networks Strength and Resilience Resource Allocation to Against Extreme Disasters Lin Wang, Shouxiang Wang, Hongkun Wang*



The network strength and resilience resource allocation are the most important guarantees for the safe operation of distribution network, which also reflects the capability to resist disasters. To fully evaluate the network strength and resilience resource allocation, the evaluation indexes are proposed from perspectives of the grid robustness, emergency power supporting ability and failure repair capability. Meanwhile, an evaluation method is built to calculate the index weight by analytic hierarchy process-entropy method-grey relational analysis (AHP-EM- GRA), so as to overcome the impact caused by different physical significance and types of indexes. The result of case study indicates the validity and rationality of the proposed indexes and methods.

Keywords network strength, resilience resource allocation, evaluation index, grey relational analysis, emergency power

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