Volume 26: Closing Carbon Cycles – A Transformation Process Involving Technology, Economy, and Society: Part I

Evaluation of current intensity distribution of PEMFC based on 4-points magnetic field measuremen Yutaro Akimoto, Shin-nosuke Suzuki, Keiichi Okajima



The current intensity distribution of a fuel cell is an important factor that determines its performance. A contactless method that does not affect the fuel cell and can accurately and quickly assess internal cell conditions is required to measure the current distribution. Therefore, this study proposes a simplified method to measure current distribution based on four magnetic field measurements. The proposed method demonstrates that the purge control performed in flooding during constant-current operation results in non-uniform current distribution, despite effective voltage recovery. This study shows that the method is useful to eliminate the non-uniformity of current distribution for improving long-term operation of fuel cells.

Keywords Fuel cell, magnetic sensor, control, failure detection

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