Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Evaluation of Stability and Photovoltic Self-Consumption Rate of Micro Grid Under Different Electric Vehicle Penetration Rates Kun Fu, Haiyang Lin, Qie Sun, Ronald Wennersten



Vehicle to grid (V2G) is a technology which is receiving much attention as a method for achieving an efficient energy management system by connecting electric vehicles (EVs) to an electric power grid. In recent years, the amount of EV and renewable energy, such as photovoltaic (PV), increases rapidly. To make full use of energy, the relationship between self-consumption rate (SCR) of PV and EV penetration rate (EVPR) is a valuable issue. In addition, the stability of micro grid (MG) with different EVPR is also considered. This paper aims to find how the EVPR influence the stability of MG and SCR of PV. To achieve the main objective of this paper, a typical PV installed capacity is adopted and several scenarios with different EVPR are compared in MATLAB programming environment. The result shows that under a stable MG environment, with the growth of EVPR, remarkable increase occurs in both the stability of MG and SCR of PV. But there is an ultimate capacity for EV. Under ultimate capacity, stable load curve and fewer dump energy can be achieved simultaneously.

Keywords electric vehicle, photovoltaic, micro grid, self-consumption rate, vehicle to grid, scenarios comparison

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