Volume 12: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part I

Evaluation of Thermostatically Controlled Residential Load Demand Response Potential Based on Smart Meter Data CHEN Yue , HOU Hui , LI Xianqiang, WU Xixiu, WEI Meifang, TANG Aihong



Residential thermostatically controlled loads are considered as an important demand response resource. Evaluating their response potential before demand response will help to improve the response effect. Based on the above situation, driven by smart meter data of residents, the electricity consumption mode of residential users is explored. A response potential evaluation model is proposed. Firstly, the residential load is clustered. And the basic curves of thermostatically controlled loads are given. Secondly, in demand response, a demand-side management scheme is proposed through quantitative optimization of user satisfaction. At the same time, the demand response potential is evaluated. Finally, the load data of households are selected for simulation to verify the validity of the evaluation model.

Keywords smart meter; demand response; thermostatically controlled load; user satisfaction; potential evaluation

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