Volume 18: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part I

Evaluation on Pyrolysis and Mild Oxidation Characteristics of Tar-rich Coal Chang’an Wang1*, Qisen Mao1, Fu Yang2, Lei Zhou1, Liyan Jin1, Xing Ning1, Defu Che1



The tar-rich coal is not only coal, but also a kind of coal-based oil and gas resources. If the pyrolysis technology and scale application are broken through, the abundant oil resource derived from tar-rich coal can be obtained. The underground in-situ pyrolysis technology of tar-rich coal has been proposed lately. Through this technology, the oil-gas resources with in tar-rich coal are preferentially extracted without environmental pollution and excessive semi-coke production. Here, the pyrolysis and mild oxidation characteristics of tar-rich coal were firstly evaluated using thermogravimetric analysis.

Keywords tar-rich coal, oil-gas resource, underground in-situ pyrolysis, semi-coke, CO2 reduction

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