Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Experiment-Based Wankel Pump Efficiency Analysis Xiao Zhang, Mengtian Li* , Pengshuai Hao, Ziang Wang, Zheng Zhou



In order to improve the efficiency of the existing plunger grouting pump, a new grouting pump based on Wankel engine is proposed. The structure, principle and mathematical model of the Wankel pump were proposed. The efficiency of plunger pump and Wankel pump are analyzed, and the calculation formulas of mechanical, volumetric and hydraulic efficiency of Wankel pump are proposed. The efficiency characteristics of the wankel pump were studied experimentally, and a plunger pump and a Wankel pump of the same power are selected to compare their working efficiency under different working conditions. In general, ηm and ηv increased with increasing n until the load on the shaft was too large. At the same n, The smaller the outlet, the lower the efficiency. When the outlet is a, b and c, the wankel pump test data at n of 190 r/min, 160 r/min and 140 r/min is optimal. When the outlet is big such as a and b, Wankel pump performs higher flow and higher efficiency. However, when the outlet is small such as outlet c, plunger pump performs higher pressure and stable flow and efficiency.

Keywords Wankel pump, efficiency, experiment, grout pump

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