Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Experimental Investigation on CO2 Ejector-expansion Refrigeration System for Battary Pack Cooling Changqing Tian, Yiyu Chen, Junqi Dong, Huiming Zou, Bihan Huang



In this study the performance characteristic of a CO2 ejector-expansion system applied for battery pack cooling is investigated. An experimental bench is set up and the performance of the system is experimentally studied under different working conditions. The cooling capacity and COP of the system decrease with the increasing of gas cooler outlet temperature. There is an optimal opening degree of EEV for both the capacity and COP to get a maximum value. The entrainment ratio of the ejector is improved by introducing an IHX. Compared with the basic cycle, ejector-expansion system can improve both the cooling capacity and COP significantly, around 21.7% increment in cooling capacity and 28.0% increment in COP, respectively.

Keywords ejector-expansion refrigeration, CO2, battery cooling

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