Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Experimental Studies on Inlet Air Throttling Operating Strategy in CCHP System Zefeng Wang, Changchun Liu,Wei Han*, Na Zhang*



An experimental rig of a micro gas turbine is built and investgeted. This rig is composed of the Capstone C65 micro gas turbine and throttle device, which can be operated under variable speed and inlet air throttling (IAT) operating strategies. The speed remains constant in each object throgh the combined variable speed operating strategy and throttle device. When the gas turbine is operated under IAT operating strategy, the air is throttled and the output power decreases. Moreover, the slight variation is presented on the electric efficiency of the gas turbine between IAT and variable speed operating strategies. This study provides a feasible operating strategy of the gas turbine to improve the off-design performance of the energy system.

Keywords CCHP system, IAT operating strategy, off-design performance

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