Volume 41: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part IV

Experimental Study of Concentrated Solar-driven Methane Dry Reforming for Fuel Production Xiangyu Yan, Fan Jiao, Shuzhan Ye, Shiying Yang, Yibiao Long, Taixiu Liu, Qibin Liu



Methane dry reforming is a promising method of converting CH4 and CO2 into valuable fuels. Conventional approaches require the combustion of methane to achieve high reaction temperatures, resulting in energy wastage. This study investigates the use of concentrated solar energy as an alternative driving source for methane dry reforming to achieve the dual goals of increasing fuel production and saving energy. To this end, we design and optimize a solar reactor featuring the synthesis, molding, and characterization of Ni/CeO2 catalysts. The performance of the methane dry reforming reaction is evaluated under different flow rates. The experimental results demonstrate that solar energy can be converted into fuel steadily for 8 hours with a solar-to-fuel efficiency of 13.98% when the catalyst is modeled to particle shape. This research makes a significant contribution to the development of eco-friendly and sustainable technologies for fuel production, offers application perspectives for a variety of industrial processes, and facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources.

Keywords methane dry reforming, concentrated solar, solar reactor, Ni/CeO2 catalyst

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