Volume 19: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part II

Experimental Study of the Enhancement of CO2/C3H8 Hydrate Kinetics With Cyclopentane for Desalination Jibao Zhang, Xialian Xing, Tianbiao He



The kinetics of CO2 /C3H8 hydrate at the temperature of 275.6K-277.6K and pressure of 2MPa-3MPa was investigated. To improve the rate of hydrate formation and water conversion, cyclopentane (CP) with a volume ratio of 0.05-0.25 was employed as a promotor. The results demonstrated that higher pressure leads to more hydrate formation due to higher driving force. Moreover, the addition of CP can significantly accelerate the hydrate formation under a low pressure of 2MPa. The highest gas uptake with a CP/liquid phase ratio of 0.25 was 4.5 times higher than without CP. The findings in this study could provide insights on selecting appropriate conditions which improve the kinetics of hydrate formation to achieve the purpose of hydrate-based desalination.

Keywords Hydrate-based technology, desalination, kinetics, cyclopentane

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