Volume 22: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part V

Experimental study on chlorine Migration of Desulfurization Wastewater in Hot Flue Gas Environment Debo Li, Xiaole Huang, Ning Zhao, Yongxin Feng, Zhiwen Xie



To study the migration law of chlorine in the hot flue gas environment of desulfurization wastewater. Based on the simulated experimental system of desulfurization wastewater evaporation, the composition and micro-morphology of gas-solid phase products during the evaporation of desulfurization wastewater are studied with the help of relevant analysis and testing instruments. The effects of different evaporation temperatures and pH values of desulfurization wastewater on the migration and transformation of chlorine in the process of desulfurization wastewater evaporation are also studied. The results show that gas-solid phase products are produced during the evaporation process of desulfurization wastewater, and the volatilization of chlorine increases with the increase of evaporation temperature, while the precipitation of chlorine decreases with the increase of pH value.

Keywords Desulphurization wastewater, chlorine, migration and transformation

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