Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Experimental Study on Engine Spray and Combustion Characteristics Fueled with Kerosene Wenbin Yu, Wenming Yang, Feiyang Zhao, Kunlin Tay



In this study, the spray characteristics of kerosene were investigated by comparing with diesel. The spray characteristics including spray penetration, spray velocity and spray angle were investigated. The engine combustion characteristics were also investigated based on a diesel engine. The result shows that the injection durations for kerosene are longer than diesel due to the lower value of viscosity in kerosene. Kerosene has shorter spray penetration and lower spray velocity compared with diesel, while the spray angle of kerosene is larger than diesel. Compared with diesel, the engine has higher break thermal efficiency fueled with kerosene, while the NO emission is not increased much.

Keywords Kerosene, engine, spray, combustion, emission

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