Volume 34: CCUS Technologies for the Carbon Neutrality: Part II

Experimental study on leakage temperature distribution of pipeline in different CO2 phases Lei Chen, Yanwei Hu, Xingqing Yan, Kai Yang, Shuai Yu, Jianliang Yu,Shaoyun Chen



The decrease of pipe wall temperature caused by CO2 drainage is the direct cause of the tough-brittle transformation of long distance pipeline materials. In this paper, the experimental research scheme of CO2 pipeline small hole leakage is designed, and the corresponding experimental equipment is set up to measure the temperature of the pipe wall after CO2 drainage. The variation rule of pipe wall temperature in leakage area under different parameters is studied. The experimental data obtained have guiding significance for the safety evaluation and design of pipeline

Keywords CCUS, brittle fracture, leakage punctures, safety evaluation

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