Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Experimental Study On Power Generation Performance Of Thermoelectric Module In Low-temperature Environment Yifan Liang, Shixue Wang, Zhaojun Liang, Yulong Zhao



To study the power generation characteristics of a thermoelectric module under low temperature, a test system was built to measure the thermoelectric performance of semiconductor modules in low temperature environments, and the influence of the loading pressure and the hot and cold end temperatures of the temperature difference power generation module on the module performance is measured. The results show that the power generation performance of the module increases with the increase in the load pressure, but the rate of increase decreases gradually. The performance of the module under low- temperature conditions is much lower than that under normal temperature conditions. When the temperature at the cold end interface is –110 °C and the temperature difference between the hot and cold ends is 51.0 K, the maximum output power is 0.28 W, and the maximum efficiency is 0.38%. Compared with the room temperature power generation under the same temperature difference,the power is approximately 1W lower, and the efficiency decreases by 78%.

Keywords Thermoelectric module, Cold energy utilization, Low-temperature performance, Load pressure

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