Volume 19: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part II

Experimental study on the performance of inverter air conditioner using R290 Guoqiang WU, Guoyuan MA, Shuxue XU, Yuexuan GONG, Xiaoya JIA, Shuailing LIU



R290, as an effective and environmentally friendly refrigerant, has great potentials in the application of air-conditioning. In this paper, the performance of inverter air conditioner (AC) using R290 is compared theoretically with that of other refrigerants. Moreover, the performance of a split AC was experimentally studied in both summer and winter condition with different ambient temperature. The results show that: In winter condition, the system EER varies from3.78 to 2.79 as the ambient temperature changes from 12℃ to -12℃;in summer condition, the system EER decreases from 2.26 to 1.91 as the indoor temperature increase from 29℃ to 43℃. The discharge temperature of inverter AC using R290 is far lower than that of R32. However, there is still great potential for improvement of supply air temperature control. This study provides reference for optimization of inverter AC using R290.

Keywords R290; heat pump, inverter air conditioner, refrigerant comparison, discharge temperature, supply air temperature

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