Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Experimental validation of an isothermal dehumidifier with stepwise sorption characteristics at different humidity loads Frédéric Cui, Elphi Nelissen, Jan Hensen



Today’s dehumidification technologies of compressor-based condensation and desiccant wheel both handle latent heat loads via sensible heat transformation, requiring complex mechanical components and, therefore, not friendly to the humidity regulation in volume-limited space. In this work, we demonstrated a highly performant humidity regulator by separately handle the sensible and latent loads via Peltier coolers and vapor adsorbent. The whole-solid components enable the miniaturization of the mechanical system. The direct path of isothermal dehumidification is practical in climates with high latent loads. We used aluminum-based MOFs with stepwise sorption isotherm for the proof-of-concept. It shows the ability of this humidity regulator to precisely control the supply air states with a single operation that merits further exploitation in variable industrial scenarios.

Keywords Humidity regulation, miniaturization, Peltier cooler, desiccant, MOFs, stepwise isotherm

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