Volume 11: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part III

Feasibility analysis of a new single well pumping system Yin Hongmei, Song Chaofan, Ma Ling, Yang xuan, Zhao Jun



As a new geothermal heat utilization mode, the research and application of single well pumping system are in the initial stage, so it is necessary to establish the system feasibility evaluation standard. Based on the refraction law, an empirical correlation of the heat affected radius of the aquitard is established in this paper. It is found that the heat affected radius of the aquitard can be characterized by the flow parameters (flow rate, recharge temperature), geological parameters (permeability, porosity, thickness) and physical parameters (thermal diffusivity) of the pumping and recharging layer. It is found that the most sensitive factors of thermal performance are permeability, recharge temperature and circulation flow.

Keywords geothermal, single well pumping system, feasibility analysis

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