Volume 22: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part V

Flow Characteristics of Temperature-Driven Bistable Slit Jet in Tube Huacheng Nie, Tingting Du, Yuexia Lv, Xingyu Zhu, Jinyue Yan



In recent years, control of bistable flow of slit jet has attracted the interests of researchers due to its extensive applications in many fields. But there are still many problems in controlling jet flow by temperature. In order to further explore the influence of temperature on jet flow. This paper mainly carried out the numerical simulation on the control of bistable flow in a tube actuated by temperature. The slit jet was formed by two semi-circular tubes arranged side by side at different Re, different spacing ratios and different temperatures. It was found that, both spacing ratio and Re affect jet wall attachment. In case of temperature difference between the two semicircular tubes, the jet is inclined to the side at higher temperature. Higher temperature gradient corresponds to larger deflection angle and less arrival time of jet from the start point to the attached side. Setting the specific parameters, the split jet is stably attached to the side at higher temperature after running for a period of time. When the temperature of two walls is reversed, the split jet attached wall will also be conversed. This study lays a theoretical foundation for the further development of bistable characteristics of flow field and the application of dynamic thermal management devices.

Keywords Bistable, Slit jet flow, Numerical simulation, Coanda effect, Tube

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