Volume 38: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part I

Fracture parameter inversion method of deep coalbed methane wells after hydraulic fracturing based on production dynamic analysis Jiaojiao Zhang, Shijun Huang, Fenglan Zhao, Yang Zhao



Parametric inversion is recognized to be an effective method for evaluation of hydraulic fracturing performance. Based on the unsteady seepage theory, the fracture parameters inversion method of deep coalbed methane (CBM) reservoir is established and solved semi-analytically considering the gas-water two-phase flow and the multiple nonlinear seepage mechanism of gas and water in the matrix and fractures. The numerical results from the proposed method are consistent with that from the existing numerical method and the computational speed is heightened greatly. The results show that the proposed method can accurately obtain half-length of fracture, permeability of fracture and stimulated reservoir volume (SRV) using the production data entering the boundary control flow stage.

Keywords Fracture parameter inversion, deep coalbed methane reservoir, gas-water two-phase flow, curve fitting, non-linear fitting method

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