Volume 31: Clean Energy Technologies towards Carbon Neutrality

Frequency Regulation Using Virtual Synchronous Generator for Thermal Power Plant in Islanding Mode Feng Ji, Zhuang Xu, Chris Gerada



Flue gas released by the traditional coal-fired power plant can be converted into electricity by means of thermoelectric generation system (TGS). The self-supply power system (SSPS) utilizes this electric power to safeguard the power plant and, meanwhile, increase the energy efficiency. An inverter interfaces TGS and working loads to provide a stable regulation of frequency and voltage based on virtual synchronous generator (VSG). The characteristics of the synchronous generators is emulated by the power controllers. Currently, transient stability of the power loop control is still a critical issue in the condition of remarkable changes of the power angle and the grid voltage. In this paper, the frontend power control is enhanced for the frequency regulation with variable moment of inertia and damping coefficient. The simulation and experiment results verify that the proposed method produces enhanced dynamic performance.

Keywords Thermoelectric Generation System, Virtual Synchronous Generator, Inverter, Frequency Regulation

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