Volume 27: Closing Carbon Cycles – A Transformation Process Involving Technology, Economy, and Society: Part II

Gas engine Oxy Fuel Combustion for Combined Heat and Power Applications Andrew Cantanhede Cardoso, Carlos Alberto Gurgel Veras



Oxy-fuel combustion (OFC) is a promising technology for Carbon Capturing and Storage (CCS) in power generation systems. This work presents a mathematical model to predict relevant gas engine parameters for combined heat and power application. Different oxidizer blends (O2 + CO2) for the combustion of refuse-derived fuel pyrolysis gas were tested. Numerical predictions showed that oxy-fuel combustion of RDF pyrolysis gas in power engines did not penalize system thermal efficiency. The exhaust gas temperature and heat content suit combined heat and power plants under zero emissions operation.

Keywords gas engine, carbon capture and storage, oxy-fuel combustion, waste management, pyrolysis, combined heat and power.

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