Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Geotechnical Analysis of Laterite as A Sustainable and Adequate Sub-Base and Base Material for Highway Construction Chigozie Okafor, Clinton Aigbavboa



The wrong application of laterite is one of the major causes of road failure in Nigeria, some road infrastructures in Nigeria are not sustainable and durable owing to the fact that the lateritic materials used as backfill material were not adequate enough to sustain the road over a considerable period of time, this, therefore, affects the durability of the road. In this study, the author has analyzed lateritic soil obtained from Awgu local government area in Enugu state, South East Nigeria, using basic prominent geotechnical laboratory tests. According to the results obtained, the sample in consideration had less than 35% by weight of sample passing through sieve 85,120,150,170 and 240. The sample had a liquid limit of 60%, plastic limit of 44.15%, plasticity index of 15.85%, a specific gravity of 2.49 and average moisture content of 12%. The California bearing ratio ranged from 29% to 77%. All the results above were analyzed according to the Federal Ministry of works specifications. This study has shown that the soil in consideration here is a good backfill material for sub-base and base material for highway construction, however, it is recommended that little improvement should be made on the soil in other to upgrade its ability to remain sustainable and durable over a considerable period of time.

Keywords advanced geo-energy technologies, geotechnical engineering, highway construction, environment and climate change.

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