Volume 15: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part IV

Global Sensitivity Analysis of Peak Cooling Load Applied to A High-rise Office Building at the Early Stage Li Zhu, Jiqiang Zhang



In order to identify the key variables affecting peak cooling load of a high-rise office building, especially the related elements of architectural design, a MC simulation method based on LHS is proposed and the meta-model GSA based on TGP is implemented in this paper. Finally, to illustrate the methodology in a clear way, a case study of a high-rise office building in Tianjin, China has been used in this paper. The results show that the key factors affecting peak cooling load are solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), west window to wall ratio (Rw) and number of floors (NF), and the interaction terms of input factors are not significant. This process makes it possible for designer or decision makers to carry out building energy efficiency design and optimization design scheme.

Keywords peak cooling load, global sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, high-rise office building

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