Volume 36: Intelligent Energy Solutions for Resilient Urban Systems

Growth and species coexistence modes of Anaerobic Methane-Oxidizing Archaea in a high-pressure incubation bioreactor Song Zhong, Jing-chun Feng, Yongji Huang, Si Zhang



High-pressure environments have a significant impact on anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM), increase in anaerobic methanotrophic euryarchaeota (ANME) growth rate at higher methane pressures. This study investigated the effect of temperature on the anaerobic methane-oxidizing and sulfate-reducing (AOM-SR) activities by a highly enriched ANME-2c community (high-pressure environments). The ANME-2c-enriched biomass was incubated at different temperature for 75 days. The most favorable condition for AOM-SR activity in the studied communities was set as the in situ temperature (4°C), suggesting that the studied ANME-2c is well adapted to conditions similar to those of its origins. Moreover, the dispersal process of the species is promoted by 4°C, whereas the symbiotic network is decreased.

Keywords Species coexistence, Anaerobic oxidation of methane, Temperature, ANME-2c.

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