Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

H2-rich Syngas Induced from a Waste by Corona Plasma Discharge with Water as Free Radical Source Ying Kang, Xu Yang, Zucheng Wu



Cleaner processes to retrieve energy from a waste are urgently needed. To improve the efficiency and hydrogen enrichment, water was used as free radical source in corona plasma discharge for syngas conversion and tar reduction. In oxygen-free environment, anthracene, as a representative in tar, was effectively converted to H2. The anthracene conversion rate is 78.6% in 100 s reaction and 3.5% H2 product was detected. This highly advantageous technology demonstrates that it is feasible to convert macromolecular substances into small molecular gases like H2, a syngas composition, without the by-products of tar produced in the municipal solid waste gasification process at much low temperature.

Keywords hydroxyl radical, corona plasma discharge, syngas production, oxidation

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