Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Heat Current-based Energy Management Platform for Analysis and Optimization of Gas-Steam Combined Cycle-based Cogeneration System Chen Xi, Zhao Tian, Qun Chen



Performance improvement of gas-steam combined cycle cogeneration (GSCCC) system has huge potential for energy conservation but puzzles researchers due to the implicitly coupled properties. Through the thermo-electric analogy method, this contribution builds the heat current model of a HRPG system and derives its heat transfer and conversion constraints. Benefiting from the heat current model, the linear topology equations could be separated from implicit nonlinear constraints, and hence a more stable hierarchical solution scheme for system simulation is developed. On this basis, the reasonable matching relation between parameters under off-design working conditions is achieved using the genetic algorithm. Experiment results with energy management platform shows the gas consumption could be decreased by 0.45%.

Keywords Gas-Steam Combined Cycle-based Cogeneration System, Energy Conservation, Heat Current Method.

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