Volume 40: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part III

Heating Performance Improvement on an R290 Vapor-injection Heat Pump System with Waste Heat Recovery for Electric Vehicles Yunchun Yang, Tianyang Yang, Wencong Shao, Huiming Zou, Changqing Tian



Achieving environmental governance and energy poverty alleviation requires high-efficiency and environmental-friendly thermal management systems for electric vehicles. This study developed and tested an integrated R290 (propane) vapor-injection (INJ) heat pump system with waste heat recovery in a cold climate. Dual secondary loops are adopted considering the flammability of the R290 refrigerant. Experimental results reveal that the INJ system outperforms the basic (BAS) system by 12.1% in coefficient of performance (COP) and 36.3% in heating capacity at −20 °C/20 °C (out-cabin/in-cabin) ambient temperature. The INJ mode with 1 kW waste heat recovery can provide a 29.8% improvement in heat capacity and a 7.4% increase in COP compared to that with no waste heat at −20 °C/20 °C. This study provides experimental support for achieving efficient operation of automotive heat pump systems under a wide operation temperature range.

Keywords electric vehicles, thermal system, heat pump, R290, vapor injection, secondary loop

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