Volume 41: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part IV

Hydrogen and Electricity Cogeneration System Based on Chemical Recuperation Enabled by Complementary Utilization of Natural Gas and Electricity Wenjing Ma, Wei Han, Jichao Li, Qibin Liu



In this research, a hydrogen and electricity co-generation system based on chemical recuperation enabled by complementary utilization of natural gas and electricity is proposed. The system uses an electrolysis for hydrogen generation and its byproduct oxygen for oxy-fuel burning to achieve near-zero CO2 emissions. To increase the power generation, flue gas from turbine is used to reform with natural gas, decreasing irreversible losses in natural gas direct combustion. The thermodynamic analyses are conducted to analyze the performances of the proposed and reference systems. The results show that the energy and exergy efficiencies are 54.12% and 51.69%, respectively, improving by 2.96 and 2.93 percentage points compared to reference system.

Keywords hydrogen and electricity cogeneration, chemical recuperation, pure oxygen combustion, near-zero CO2 emission, thermodynamic analysis

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