Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Hydrogen from Solar Energy in City of Ghardaia Through Steam Methane (CH4) Reforming Using Tracking System Chawki Ameur Menad, Rabah Gomri



Algeria holds one of the best solar energy resources in the world, where the most and the dominant part is located in the south of the country. Ghardaia is one of the best cities for this renewable energy resource, and it is suitable for producing other energy sources such as hydrogen through the solar parabolic concentrator. The natural gas is available in all parts of the country. However, it affects the environment. This paper is focusing on producing hydrogen from Steam Methane reforming in the city of Ghardaia through parabolic concentrator using the tracking system. Selecting CH4 as a source of hydrogen production is to minimize CO2 emission in the environment. The obtained results proofed that the amount of hydrogen produced is 0,9KgH2/m2/Day.

Keywords Hydrogen Production; CSP System; Tracking System; CH4; Steam Methane Reforming; Solar Energy

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