Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Hydrogen from Thermal Solar Energy in Algeria Chawki Ameur Menad, Rabah Gomri, R. Menacer



Exploiting solar energy in Algeria became the main debate in energy sector especially after the oil crisis in the last three years. In fact, Algeria holds one of the best solar potential in the world, with the most efficient regions being located in the south of the country. Recently many researches have been exploiting solar energy for electricity production. However, producing hydrogen from solar energy is considered the future plan for improving the energy sector in Algeria. The main goal of this paper is the evaluation of hydrogen production potential from steam methane reforming through thermal solar energy systems in Algeria. The proposed model is based on a parabolic trough solar collector system and consists of two different parts, thermal solar energy in one hand, and hydrogen production from steam methane reforming in the other hand. The Algerian hydrogen potential production has been calculated in all regions (48 cities) of the country. The obtained results show that seasonal and the annual, hydrogen production potential could be the best solution to cover the energy needs.

Keywords Thermal solar, Hydrogen production, Steam methane reforming, Parabolic trough solar collector.

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