Volume 32: A Sustainable, Clean and Carbon-free Energy Future

Impact of Electric Vehicles in Mitigating Damages of Typhoon in urban power systems Ying Du, Yuntian Chen, Haoran Zhang, Haoran Ji, Chengshan Wang, Jinyue Yan



The resilience of urban energy system is important to resist more frequent disasters under climate change. This paper aims to reveal the benefits of utilizing Electric Vehicles (EVs) as a source of energy to restore power supply under typhoon disasters. Firstly, we model the spatio- temporal EVs’ State Of Charge (SOC) distributed in Vehicle to Grid (V2G) stations through exploring the spatio-temporal trajectory paradigm of EVs and calculating on-road power consumption of EVs. Then, we proposed the post-typhoon-disaster power restoration strategy with V2G participation. Finally, we simulated the failure scenario of an urban power system under the typhoon disaster to verify the superiority of V2G in resilience improvement. The results show that using V2G can help avoid outages and help reduce load shedding.

Keywords EV, V2G, Resilience of urban energy system, Typhoon disaster.

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