Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Impact Of Natural Gas Infrastructure Failure On Electric Power Systems Considering The Transmission Dynamics Of Natural Gas Zheng QIao, Jinhang Wang, Hongbin Sun, Yue Wu, Qinglai Guo



Due to the strengthening of the coupling between the power system and the natural gas system, this paper aims to study the impact of natural gas system infrastructure failure on the power supply of the power system. A quasi-dynamic model adapted to the different time scales of the coupled natural gas and electricity system is established. The effectiveness of the calculation method is demonstrated by comparison with the simulation results of SYNERGI software. The case study shows that if the power system can know the failure in the natural gas system in advance, there is some buffer time to take control measures.

Keywords Coupled natural gas and electricity system, natural gas infrastructure failure, quasi-dynamic model, buffer time

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